Now that their genset has left Georgia and been transported to it's new home, here are some photos of the progress made by the East Tennessee Club.

March 2007:





As the installation continues to completion and first smoke, and as photos become available, I will update this page.


First Smoke Has Been Made!!

24 May 2009:

Fred and the crew have been busy this spring.

(Click on the pictures below for high resolution)

Fred, working on the injection lines.


Getting air pressure up and positioning crankshaft for starting.


First smoke!

The engine ran but Melissa Milner of the club says that they have either governor or injection pump problems to sort out.  She also says that the club didn't allow for enough concrete for the base and that the engine moves a little when runnng.


More updates when they become available.


The latest is that the engine base was successfully enlarged and the engine is now being run regularly.