The O.P. Genset Being Set-Up


The Coolspring Power Museum

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Paul Harvey, the President of Coolspring Power Museum sent the following photos showing their Fairbanks-Morse genset being placed.

The Fairbanks-Morse OP genset was transported by our member, Mark Himes, and the photo above shows transferring the engine from his trailer to the

Museum truck.

This photo shows the engine being unloaded from the "tilt-bed" to its temporary home next to the Ingersoll-Rand XVG pavilion.

The genset, in it's temporary location, resting after it's trip.


The next day, a Museum volunteer crew started cleaning and working on the OP. The volunteers have found everything to be in good condition, and it now bars over freely and has compression.  The Museum plans to extend the pavilion roof over the OP and also hope to have some "smoke" by the June show.



May 31, 2007:


The genset now has a pavillion built over it. 


New pavilion completed with protective tarp still in place



Jay Duke sent the following report: 

During the show, an attempt was made to be the first club to get their engine to make smoke.  Although technically, they did succeed, there's some discussion as to whether or not running on air was allowed.


Volunteers Mike Murphy and Jay Duke clean 40 years worth of gunk out of the engine in preparation for the first start-up attempt.




   First smoke.                                                                            Second smoke.


However, it didn't last long.  It seems it would only run as long as starting air was supplied.  After further investigation, it seems something is wrong with the Rootes scavenging blower.  Oh well, more to do.  Next work weekend we'll have to dissect the blower to see what is wrong.  More later...



December 16, 2008:

After removing the supercharger, it was found that a little corrosion was all it took to make it seize.  There is a safety clutch to protect the gearing, etc. in such a case so, after getting the blower cleaned up, unstuck and remounted, the engine finally made proper smoke in time for their 2008 spring show.


Jay (left photo), getting the blower ready to go back on and supervising Mike Murphy (right photo) during an engine run.  The engine ran several times during the show


Want to see and hear it run?

Excerpted From The Coolspring Newsletter:

On Saturday, June 21, 2008, we installed the cleaned and now free turning blower.  At 11:05 PM, we made our true first smoke.  We ran manually at first with the governor disconnected to make sure it wouldn't run away and that everything was OK.  Then we shut it down and reconnected the Woodward Governor.  A restart quickly raised the engine to full governed speed where it ran quite happily for five or ten minutes until it ran out of fuel.  Watch the video of First Smoke after approximately 40 years of idle time.  Click Here to watch a video of the third run of the evening at full governed speed.  Note high speed Internet is required.


Now, is this fun or what?